22 March 2010

Whats Important to Me: 2010/03/22

Today is the start of a little different format for this blog, usually it has consisted of rants I do on a particular topic. From now on I will list all of the events from the previous days that are of interest to me and what I think of them. Open to discussion; hopefully this will create more of a dialogue amongst people that follow me =-)

In the news today the House Democrats of the United States of America finally passed the Health Reform bill by a very narrow margin. The concession that President Obama made that sealed the deal was a promise to sign an executive order banning the federal funding of abortions. What remains to be seen is the validity of this executive order as they are routinely overturned by the judicial branch. One man's opinion is not the opinion of the country. Either way, the bill was signed into law and we just wasted another $922B as a country.

Former President Clinton spared no one as he gave a speech to the Gridiron Club. Poking fun at everyonce from Al Gore, to President Obama, to Dick Cheney to himself. While I was never a fan of the former President I find what he said to be quite funny.

Lady Gaga (one of my favorite artists before she became mainstream) is in the news recently. She is getting sued by her former manager and ex-lover who claims he was cheated out of royalties from several songs he co-wrote as well as giving the young superstar her stage name. He is asking for $30M which only begs the question: How much money has this young woman made?? GEEEZ

Another interesting story: A judge ruled that Anna Nicole Smith was not in fact supposed to be the recipient of her late husband's oil fortune. What I find interesting is #1 that this is still in the news and #2 how this is even an issue after the woman's death? Comments are appreciated.

Moron of the day award goes to Jesse James: You're a two-bit welder who got lucky enough to rise from the depths of white trash hell to some sort of fame and money and you mess it up. You my friend are a moron.

So, that's whats important to me today my friends on this dreary, rain ridden Miami Monday. Comments are appreciated and I hope to check in with you again on Wednesday. Until then, be good and be informed.

18 January 2010

The Happiest of Birthdays

It was my 27th birthday over the weekend and it was one of the best birthdays I have had. When I was young people would always tell me that the best years of your life are your childhood. I do not know if it is a product of the great parents and friends that I have but I would have to say I only find my years getting better. Every year I work harder to achieve my goals and I find myself chipping away at them slowly but surely. One of my goal last year was to be a better person. A little less than mid-way through the year I found myself unhappy with my relationships and set out to improve them all.

I have been more nice yet up front with my friends. I have developed an excellent relationship with my cousin and her friends and I find myself enjoying their company more and more each week. The same with the two most important people in my life: my parents. I was rewarded this weekend with an excellent time around excellent people. I am a harsh judge life; I tend to be unforgiving and blunt but at the same time when I am treated well I reciprocate the same. My girls are amazing people and so is my family. I am glad to have them in my life. My 27th year was incredible even through the shortfalls. I can only hope that the next one is even a shadow of what I experienced. I am blessed and I want everyone that contributed to my happiness to know that.

14 January 2010

I dated the wrong friend!

As time passes in our lives as single people, male or female, we all are part of dates which are less than memorable; maybe even bad. Sometimes we might even continue dating a person that "isn't too terrible" just because we know how bad the rest of the world is. That brings me to today's topic. How many times have you dated someone, then met a friend of theirs and said "Wow, I made the wrong decision".

Whether you choose to act on that thought is entirely different than what you feel. There is always the reasoning that cheating with your mind is cheating, but lets just say for the sake of this blog that you are only getting to know the person. What do you do in a situation like that? I have only acted on my feelings once and I almost damaged a very good friendship because of it. But, should the friendship really have been damaged because I expressed my true self?

Was it wrong or right I do not know, however, it is how I felt. I was attracted to the girl I met first but more attracted to her friend. The facts are I had more in common with her friend than her anyways. So why do we always feel that after we date someone we can take emotional, physical, and mental possession over them? Even if the dating is separated years in between? You date one person and you can basically forget about the possibility of dating anyone in their circle regardless of whether it works out or not.

Maybe its just girls? Guys are more savage, I've know multiple instances of men dating their friend's ex-dates. I start to think: are we really more savage in that respect or just more true to ourselves?

There is no way "the friend" can tell if they are going to like you or not and usually will take themselves out of the picture because you "dated their friend". I really don't know what the answer is and so it has been a topic of discussion between my cousin and I for sometime.

Why are we in this perpetual act? Why is it that we cannot be ourselves in this social norm we call dating? In my opinion it is one of the times when we should be displaying our true colors.

11 January 2010

Honesty in Dating

Its simply a fact: When someone WANTS to be with you they are GOING to be with you.

There is no doubt in my mind that there is one universal fact in dating. If a man or a woman wants to be with someone they are going to find a way to be with you. This is true regardless of the issue that comes up. Ive heard all the excuses fathomable. "I left my phone", "my phone died", "I'm with a lame bf/gf but I can't be with you", "I have HW", "I have to work tomorrow". Those are all lies and if you are getting excuses just call in your chips and get out of the situation. There are few people I know that work, go to school, and workout as much as I do and I know that when I really like someone I find the time to be with them regardless.

If you left your phone and you really want to be with someone there's email and Facebook. Basically everyone has a computer and an internet connection so guess what? Its a lie.

If you're with a lame guy/girl but wont leave him that's because you like the guy/girl and that's it. Don't lie and tell other people you care for them when you really don't. If you care for someone you're going to be with them. Whatever it takes. Guess what? Its a lie!

I work, I study, I get A's and I find the time to be with the women and people I care about. If you don't then you don't care.

Don't set up a date, sell out, and when you get confronted about it pretend that you don't remember. That's a cop out and it erases any respect you have gained to that point.

I don't know why people feel they have to lie in order to make someone feel better. What you're doing is straggling them along. Be honest, tell them you aren't interested in them romantically and either establish the friendship or move on. Why are people so fake?

I have been guilty of these offenses in the past but I changed. It's so difficult when you see friends, people you care about, or yourself get hurt by stupidities like this. Why can't people be up front about stuff? If I can change so can you, let's try to make this world a nicer place to live in. We don't have to save the rainforests or stop nuclear proliferation for that to happen. You can start by being honest with the person right next to you.

And the next time someone IS upfront about something with you don't freak out. Chances are they are saving you time, energy, and soul.

03 January 2010

My Napa Vacation

I just got back from one of the best vacations of my life. It seems that as I get older and time passes that phrase is written more and more. I don’t know if it is because I have grown to appreciate time off more or because it almost always involves my parents.

I am turning 27 later this month and I still live at home. I have heard the gamut of criticisms at my expense for this and as is typical of most aspects of me; it doesn’t affect me at all. I’ve had ex girlfriends tell me that I need to move out. That I need to do things on my own, that I need to “create equity” for myself. Almost as if I had been missing out on life because I live at home. I have co-workers who tell me I ride the “gravy train” and ask me when I am going to jump off. I can’t help but wonder if these people are just envious of my situation. Envious of the fact that I have an excellent relationship with my parents, envious of the fact that all of us would rather travel first class to Napa Valley for a week than paint our house and rooms every year. If they envy that I would rather go to Hawaii than live in my own apartment. If they envy that I would rather spend 100 dollars on a bottle of wine for a Saturday night meal instead of put 100 dollars towards a Lexus or a Mercedes. If they envy that I am single and spend my money when I want to on the things that I want to when I want to.

The fact is I have an excellent relationship with my parents and I truly enjoy their company. Sure, we argue. I’m stubborn as they come and so are they. Considering the fact we are around each other all day, every day, I would say we are a great example of a functioning relationship. I wouldn’t trade the moments I have with them for the deflection of any criticism at any time.

I relish in the fact that I have enjoyed them as much as possible in the time we have left. We never know what is going to happen. The world is such a crazy place now that you never know when a trip to the grocery store will be your last. When that moment comes I know that I will look back at all the wonderful things we have done together and smile or cry, either way they will be fond memories of joy. There is no amount criticism in the universe no matter how old, intelligent, rich, or good looking a person is that will make me change that.

27 December 2009

Cap and Trade dying? An inconvenient problem for Al Gore

I am so happy with the Democratic party today. Faced with waning support for their party as a result of the economy and other unpopular moves; the Dems have finally put aside their agendas and done whats right for the country. Politico.com reports today that several prominent Dems have lobbied the White House to refrain from pushing any Cap and Trade bills in 2010. This bill would have imposed tariffs on companies that exceed the carbon footprint allotted for a company of a particular size. This was a bill aimed particularly at energy companies and would have forced them to either "Go Green" or pay hefty fines. Either way who ends up paying but the consumer? This particular moment in our history is hardly the right time to impose added financial burden on Americans. Especially for something we use every moment of our day.

The reason I was against this bill is because 1) it really does nothing to improve our situation with the environment. The US already has some of the most strict environmental guidelines and without China or India cooperating it makes no difference what we do 2) We have to pay for the stimulus, we have to pay for healthcare for everyone, and now extra taxes would be imposed on our energy? It is not the time 3) The people that stand to gain from this are hypocrites like Al Gore, or mega billionaires like Warren Buffet whom have established companies that will allow them to make millions or billions by selling carbon offset.

Now what we have to examine is what prompted this move? Was it the widespread fraud reported in Europe's version of Cap and Trade or was it simply that passing three unpopular bills before mid term elections would have sealed the fate of the Democrats? Was it the recent scandal prominent Democrat Al Gore has been involved in? Either way, I am happy that they are taking steps to eliminate this energy tax. As I have stated before I will be fair on this blog and this is a move that I whole heartedly agree with.

21 December 2009

Merry Christmas

I wanted to take a moment to wish all of my followers and readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah. I appreciate all of your emails and the time you take to read through my thoughts. I look forward to many more years of spreading my message.

My best in 2010 and beyond,

Enrique Enriquez
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